14 April 2006

how do you get rid of someone you can't get rid of?

sometimes there are people in your life that you'd rather not talk to for a while--you just don't feel like dealing with their gloating or their big ego or whatever it is--you just want some space. and they keep calling and don't understand why you're not calling back and keep calling and you have to call back eventually but feel unenthusiastic and know in your heart that you still love them but still, you just don't feel like talking to them right now.

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Anonymous said...

the same thing has been happening to me...the person is incredibly fake, and she's only hanging around us because we're the last option - no-one else likes her because she is really horrible, always doing something to alienate me! I know this makes me sound like a horrible person, but it's impossible to get rid of someone when you have to be nice to her, because otherwise you end up feeling bad for her! im not making any sense, am i?