23 April 2006

running in the rain

today i pulled myself out of bed and propelled myself onto the rainy new york city streets. i am a crazy runner: to qualify for the 2007 marathon, one must be a member of the new york road runners and run 9 scored races. as it is late april and i only had one, i ran this one. it was only a four miler, but a miserable, rainy day: torrential downpour was the norm, and my shoes were so water logged i felt as if i were running through a shallow creek instead of the roads of central park.

about ten minutes after being soaked outdoors before the race, i came to terms with the rain. it was raining, i was getting wet, and there was nothing i could do about that. i began to enjoy the fat splashes from the sky, the puddles, even began wearing the mud on my calves as if they were badges: yes, you are hardcore, a hardcore runner.

after the race, i ran to the subway, soaked, and squeezed water out of my hair onto the train platform. puddles everywear, rivulets of rain streaking off my clothing onto the train floors.

and i came home and showered, drank tea and read: and then i realized, it stopped. the rain stopped. and i immediately left my house to enjoy my wide open sunday, complete with shoe shopping at DSW and errands around the union square area. it's amazing how the rain affects your mood, and this rainy weekend has left me despondent. yet now, as i sip my yummy organic strawberry paradise purity juice, i know that spring is coming. we need the rain for our flowers and plants and trees, and the sun will be around to entertain us. one must be patient, and accept the rain.

and run with the rain.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome. 2 down 7 to go. Have you ever ran a marathon? Do I get a T shirt if I volunteer to be on your support team?

cherie said...

Sure. What size?

Even better, if you volunteer, you get a free tshirt AND a poncho. Woohooo!

Anonymous said...

XL or if I lose the 40 pounds Large
Plan on XL