04 April 2006

since i've come home

i went away for several days and since i've arrived, i feel immensely bitchy. my suitcase took a bit to come out of the big gaping hole in the wall, and there was a long queue for a cab, and i've been running around, doing laundry and running to the health food store for provisions, and t didn't throw out the foul tofu or rice and bean leftovers (so my fridge smells like death!) and can't make my bed (at age 25, quite sad) and my apt is messy and i'm feeling cranky of all the things i have to do and my mom keeps calling, keeps calling to chat and "aren't you excited about working tomorrow?" (fucking no, i want my freedom!) and i am starting to go mad from being 26, almost 27, still having my mother know everyfuckingthing that i am doing and she only seems to respond to me being rude--which i hate doing but i don't need her to know who i was with and what i did and where i'm going. isn't that part of growing up?

so i am a bit nervous abt starting my new job tomorrow but right now i'm focused on cleaning my apt, cleansing the air, and putting stuff away. i hate being crabby but it's better than being angry. i'm listening to this excellent cd jennifer gave me and it's putting me in a much better mood.

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