10 April 2006

yummy fake fake

i posted on a message board for good meat substitutes (i'm a vegetarian) and here are a few recommendations:
  • wildwood natural foods--tofu--veggie burgers
  • morning star farms meatballs--put it in broth with carrots, garlic, parsley, oregano and pasta for a good soup idea
  • morningstar farms sausage links
  • morningstar farms bacon
  • trader joe's veggie burgers
here are my personal suggestions:
  • most fake meat products from trader joe's
  • dr praegers veggie burgers
  • nirvana burgers (if you like spicy ones)
  • boca chik patties
  • smart links fake bacon (with eggs--yum!)
  • amy's organic burgers--esp the chicago and california ones
my fave way for veggie burgers is to spread one side of the bread with avocado, the other with hummus (esp trader joe's sundried tomato basil or abe's roasted red pepper hummus) and serve the burger with a slice of cheese, ketchup and any additional things around the house like greens, sprouts, pickles, shredded carrots, etc. yum!

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