14 April 2006

it's not me, it's YOU!

so t and i established that we are having an open relationship; thus, we are still engaged in a relationship (not engaged, goddess forbid, a commitment and a ring, t doesn't know what to do in that area!) but we are dating other people. right now, i'm not dating anyone but t, but i could.

so i'm hanging out with a (which stands for asshole if you must know) and he is being a bit too flirty, and i say, "look, treat me like you'd treat a male friend. would you treat a male friend like this?" and he goes, "i like you a bit more than i like my male friends." i make it clear (and made it very fucking clear before he even came over, before we even hung out) that i would not be getting with him. apparently, men are fucking stupid (t always says this; they don't care, they still will try). he keeps trying, trying to cuddle me, touch me.

a smooth move: "are you a romantic person?" he asks me. i nod. "on sundays, spending the day cuddling in bed is good for you, no?" i describe how i love to sleep in t's arms, to spend the entire day snuggling and kissing--which we do when we have time.

he responds, "let us have a deal. why not we don't mention my girlfriend [who lives in poland] and your boyfriend and then we can hang out?"

i get up from the couch and sit across the room. "no, no, it's not like that. i'll mention t all i want and i am not getting with you. it's not going to be like that between us."

he gets all pissy. "you're hung up on your boyfriend. you feel too guilty."

no, really, i don't. t and i established we can date other people and i'm very cool with that. just the thing is, i'm not into a at all. i find him not my type, fun, but i'm not attracted to him--and he's crazy in some ways, not someone i'd want to be with. if t were never bored, i still wouldn't hook up with a.

finally he leaves, and i'm happy. i spend the rest of the evening reading and i decide i never want to speak to him again.

a message when i turn my computer on this morning from a tells me i have a big ego. wtf? i don't want to get with you b/c i'm not into you--not b/c i have a big ego. i quickly type back, "i don't have a big ego. i'm just not into you at all in that way. don't ever contact me again."

all these people i'm talking to are totally crazy. being semi-single in nyc is dangerous--but of course, an adventure!

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