24 January 2012

The Amazon, Part I


                I had been in the jungle years ago in Brazil – it was one of the most incredible travel experiences of my life and I couldn’t wait to repeat. Sure, there were scary and gross and filthy moments, but it was a lovely experience.
                I had booked a tour to the Nape Ecovillage and Botanical Gardens through Rainforest Expeditions – highly recommended in my Lonely Planet and sounding like an amazing trip. I’m sad to say this wasn’t the case.
                I’ll keep it as short as I can: I arrived and discovered I was the only person on my guide’s tour – and oh yeah, I was her first tour ever. No one else was there, my guide was shy and quiet and didn’t know a lot. The schedule had been changed – hunting and fishing with traditional forms had been added, along with a fishing trip. Vegetarian says NO! A jaguar had been in our hut a few days prior – our hut which had giant screen-less, glass-less windows, and no doors anywhere. I was frightened to sleep. The bugs were also scary! Our first day, we did maybe 30 minutes of activities, and the second day 4 hours. And then we were done, and I had two more days. I asked repeatedly for them to take me back and they resisted but finally agreed. Nothing was right and I was unhappy. I was so sad because I had so looked forward to this part of the trip for a long time and it was so saddening that it was not working out like I had so hoped.

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