08 January 2012

Next Up....PERU!

I'm really excited - I head to Peru on Thursday and I will joined by mi novio 11 days later.

It's weird - in traveling, I find something I don't find in ordinary life. It's challenge. It's learning about new cultures. It's learning about myself. It's learning about the world. It's learning about history, not just the fake BS one we learn about in U.S. History textbooks. It's pushing beyond my limits. It's living outside my comfort zone.

I'm very comfortable right now - beyond it. I like my work, love my running, am completely in love with my boyfriend and our life in our happy apartment with a happy (yet persistently hungry and absolutely adorable) cat. We drink wine and hot cider and throw parties and cook dinner and go out to dinner and get tipsy and walk down the street, arm in arm, kissing. And we're so lucky.

But we want more. We want to know more outside our apartment, where to be honest, I think we both would be find hibernating for a while. In each others' arms, watching Spanish-language movies or eating Thai food or making eggs - this is really happiness and absolute contentment and BEYOND - but we want more. We want to explore it all together. I'm going to miss my kitty and our bed and my kitchen and my cooking and reading under a pile of blankets, snuggled up....

But there's a whole world out there and it's waiting for us to explore it.

First, solo, I'll head up to Trujillo. Then to Haunchaco. And then, to Chiclayo or, if I can figure it out, Chachoyas. And then back to Lima. And then Puerto Maldonado. And then to the Amazon for a few days. Then back to Lima, where I'll get to reunite with mi novio. And then to Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, Cuzco, Macchu Picchu.

Of course, most of this is subject to change. And probably will.

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