03 January 2012

Travel Healthy

When I head down to my beloved Latin American countries, the only bad thing is the need for immunizations. Typhoid, malaria, yellow fever, all that good stuff. I have to get typhoid pills (Apparently, they only last five years and mine expire tomorrow. Oops. Let's stay away from typhoid tomorrow!) and malarone. 

When Crista and I went to Argentina, I had malarone, which is a pain just because you have to take a pill every day. But since I'm on asthma meds (three different meds each day), it's no big deal to remember to take yet another pill. Crista went on a different pill (I don't want to say which because I can't remember and it's hard to determine from the CDC's website) but she ended up with a wicked sunburn after 30 minutes in the sun (poor girl ended up on the beach with a hat, jeans, and long sleeved shirt while I was in a bikini) and had psychotic dreams....horrible scary dreams, murder-crazy-freaky dreams. Someone at my hostel in Manaus was on the same thing and went psycho, screaming, freaking out during a nightmare. Completely scary.

For Peru, I only need typhoid and malarone. Glad that yellow fever lasts another 10 years...

I found a great place in NY to get travel immunizations - New Yorkers, pay heed. Wall Street Medical Associates (actually located on 156 William Street) is an affordable place to get shots. A lot of other places charge you a consultation fee (not covered by insurance) but drop by this walk-in clinic 9-3 or call 212-233-3040. *No financial interest for me, by the way. Just letting you know what I know!*  

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