13 January 2012

A Run Through Lima

So far, just ran in Lima. I have never been sexually harassed so many times. I'm pretty sure there must be a law, "See woman running, honk/leer/slow down car/say something/whistle." 

I had a long time in between flights, but not enough time to head out and explore Peru, so I checked my stuff in the airport, and headed out for a run.

It was great to stretch my legs - I ran in places I'm sure no one has ever run before - it seemed that way, based on reactions. I ended up running along this dry creek/river - I was high up on the banks, and below saw lots of dry spots, rocks, trash - so much trash, burnt trash, all kinds of trash. And people walking in the water, washing clothes, picking up the trash (to see if something would be useful).

And I ran on by. I don't wish to take photos, like some people I know, for these are the things that are not just images in your head, but experiences stamped on your soul.

And so I run, everywhere I go, through dusty, polluted air, past stray dogs and curious cars, I run.

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