19 January 2012

Because this is how it is sometimes...

Wednesday I got up at 6, ran, showered and got ready, checked out, went on a tour all day of Keulap, got back, repacked, headed to overnight bus, slept on a bus (which isn't the best slept), woke up at 5am, and ended up in shady Chiclayo bus station. I put my bag in the bus station storage, which worried me b/c the bag attendant seemed so confused by what I wanted to do that I fretted all day about the contents of my pack. Then, after being advised by the security guard that I shouldn't wander until much later in the day because a North American woman had been assaulted (coupled with the fact that my friends who I had just left on the bus told me they had gotten mugged here), I nervously sat in the bus station.

And sat.

And sat.

Finally, unable to take it any longer, I asked the security guard if he thought it was okay. He nodded. I walked to Plaza del Armes, tried to find something to eat, finally found a cafe. They lacked vegetarian items, as usual, but suggested spaghetti con veduras. For breakfast? Okay. I didn't want any more eggs. Of course it was nothing like what I wanted/planned. But it was okay. 

And then I explored the square, and mailed a letter to V, and then I hopped on the minibus to Lambayeque (1soles30). Then I went to Museo Tumbes Reales de Sipan. 10 soles gets you in, and another 20 soles gets you a guide. I had my own personal guide, which was pretty neat, and he explained pretty much everything as we walked through the museum. And then I grabbed some fruit and yogurt (YES!) and hopped on another minibus back to Chiclayo.

At the bus station, I grabbed my bag. I was too tired to do much else. I thought about exploring the market, but that's where my friends got mugged, and I had too many valuables on me to risk that. So I headed to the airport early.

And I sit here, bleary eyed, exhausted, yearning for my bed tonight, for a nice run in Lima (if it's safe, if there's time...), and I know, that traveling's not always what you want it to be, but it has to be something else to get you there. 

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