31 January 2012

The Insanity

Sometimes, traveling is just insanity.
                Like when your tour guide can barely speak English and you’re the only one on the tour in the middle of the jungle.
                Or when there’s a bat swooping your room while you sleep.
                Or when there are some incredibly slow hikers with issues tainting your trek
                Or when there’s a scorpion – no, two – on the wall of your hut that you are to sleep with.
                Or when your room smells like dead mouse and you have to pretend things are just okay.
                Or when your boyfriend has horrible altitude sickness and you realize you really both should stick to sea level, with his altitude issues and your asthma.
                Or when you don’t want to go on a tour and your hotel owner sends you on one anyway without you knowing.
                Or when your laundry isn’t done, they fold it while still wet, you’re freezing wearing wet clothes, and they lose a pair of your underwear which is a big deal since you didn’t bring enough with you.
                Or when you make a reservation and they give it away and aren’t sure why you’re upset.
                Or when there’s another hidden cost.
                Or when there’s another identical hat.
                Or when there’s another long bus ride.
                Or when there’s another toilet without toilet paper.
                Or when the toilet doesn’t flush when it should, it must be.
                Or when you just are so sick of it all…

                You remember that you love traveling. You love the new experiences, trying new foods, the cheapness of things, not working, having time to be creative and write on the long bus rides, the freedom, meeting new people, seeing new and unusual things, not having to wear uncomfortable shoes, improving your grasp of a foreign language, doing what you want, not having to work, not having the scheduled bs of life back home…

                And really, it’s all worth it. It really is.

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