02 January 2012

Old Me

Today I ran the 5 minutes to the gym, then went on the rowing machine (my favourite!), followed by 35 minutes on the elliptical, and then strength training. ROAR. Then I ran back home, roused my sleepy boyfriend, and we headed out for a run.

Then I did errands, shopped, ran around all day, came home, and went on another run. I pushed it, running like Michael Wardian does to train for trails in the city (never running in a straight line, approaching obstacles like they are opportunities - that's my line, not his, but I think that's his idea).

This has nothing to do with that it's 2012. I'm an athlete and this is my regular training.

I really don't like the "New You" crap that everyone buys into for the very end of the year/beginning of the year. I went to the gym this morning to see crowds of people using machines incorrectly, creating crowds and waits where there needn't be any ordinarily. Sigh. It's part of this media machine that teaches us to hate our bodies - we must reshape and reform and lose weight. But the way most people in the U.S. eat (tons of processed crap, on-the-go fast food), it's nearly impossible. Eating well is a high priority for me. I have been cooking up a storm of soups lately and am stockpiling my freezer with various soups to grab and heat up another day - that's my kinda fast food, a good red lentil squash apple soup, homemade by me!

I guess if a new year inspires people to healthier living, awesome. But do people really change, I wonder?

My new years' resolution is to write more. Spend more time with my grandmas. Improve my Spanish. Keep traveling. Keep being me.

These are all things I do now, but I just wanted to let you know, I plan on keep doing it.

So yes, do something healthy. Go to the gym, and rather than go a few times now, and then realize in April it's been three months since you went, but you swear you'll go - only to forget and then finally cancel in June - KEEP GOING. Find something that gives you exercise that you love, whatever it is. And keep doing it b/c it's good for you.

And soon, next year, your resolution will to keep being that OLD YOU. Keep the good things, you know, that exercising you are actually doing, and keep on doing it.

Happy Old Me,
Happy New Years!

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