05 January 2013

Cinco: Mexico City

My last full day....

Got up early and cranked out a decent run. 

Hopped on the Metro. When getting off the train, some complete jerk used it as an excuse to grab my butt. F*** YOU!

Then, headed over to Templo Mayor to see some amazing ruins. Sad how the conquistadors tried to completely erase a civilization.

Next, had a bit more time, so stopped by Museo Archivo de la Fotografia, which was full of old photos of Mexico City. Really interesting. Also stopped by Museo del Estanquillo which was mainly drawings (which are not my favourite thing) but it did have a lovely terrace.

I strolled around the Zocalo, getting a nice goodbye to Zocalo and the Centro Historico. Vendors selling wares (and getting hassled by cops), traditional dancers, all sorts of fun. I hopped on the Metro back to my hostel, checked out. I left my big bag and storage and headed out to explore Roma and Condessa a bit more. 

I went to MUCA Roma which was really strange. They had this whole bizarre exhibit where they told you this plant was unknown and toxic and blah blah blah and you had to wear a mask and a lab coat and walk through chlorinated water and stick your head under this mirror thing and it was so strange, I can't explain.

Then I got lunch at an organic cafe with plenty of veg options. Wooohooo!

I wandered more around Roma and Condessa, popping into stores. I got an amazing brownie cheesecake cupcake, visited some shops, sat on a park bench, drank a chai, read. I felt so relaxed.

I hopped in a cab over to fellow ultrarunner Wendy's house. The ultra list is powerful and connects all those who are interested. We hung out, chatted, got dinner...a lot of fun. Ultrarunning is such glue.

And tomorrow...a trail run! Can't wait!

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