04 January 2013

Dia Dos: Mexico City

I got up early w the intention of running before heading out to Teotihuacan, but it was dark so I just headed over to the bus station and hopped on the hour-long ride to the amazing ruins. Lonely Planet had warned that this bus had been subject to armed robbery in the past so of course I was paranoid. It was fine.

Teotihuacan was AMAZING. I climb the third-tallest pyramid in the world. I got there early so it was super quiet (and also freezing....brrrrrr....) and it was really nice to get some interesting photos. The site is SO well preserved compared to a lot of other places so that was really great. Of course my favourites were the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon (Luna!).

After, I hopped on the subway and headed over to the Museo del Arte Moderno. Great stuff. They had a fantastic exhibit on women surrealists that was wonderful. The rest of the art was great.

I walked through the Bosque and bought popcorn from a vendor as I headed to the Anthropology Museum. Incredible. A lot of stuff was put together for me - they had some of the great relics from Monte Albon and Teotihuacan, and a lot of great explanation of the indigenous cultures of Mexico and also evolution and so many things. I was exhausted from walking around all day, climbing so many steps on the ruins, walking, not eating, getting up early. At the end of the museum, I was about ready to sleep.

I found a great vegetarian restaurant a few blocks from my hostel, Yug Vegetarian. Like all veg restaurants here, they have meat things but the food was just excellent. I ate salad and cilantro vegetarian lasagna and then headed back to my hostel for an early night...

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