11 January 2013

Hasta Luego, Mexico

written my last night in Mexico, at the airport....

Lump in my throat. I’ll be back.

Had an amazing trip in Mexico. From the ancient ruins, well, everywhere – from Palenque to Monte Albon to Yaxchin to Teotehuacan to Templo Mayor…to improving my Spanish…to hiking. To long walks alone, to long walks holding Wayne’s hand. To chilling on the beach, to sitting on a crowded bus. To reading in a hammock, to sipping pina coladas, to a month of no work, to Mexico.

To all those who said it was super duper dangerous – I told you. I’m not part of the drug cartel so I was safe. The North is the more dangerous part, many would say. Those border towns (hmmmm does it have anything to do with the U.S.?).

Theft occurs, yes, and other bad things as well.

But Mexico, I learned so much from you and I plan on coming back.

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