04 January 2013

Tres: Mexico City

I got up and had a great 90 minute run in the nearby park. Wonderful.

I met a friend of a friend, David, who agreed to show me around Mexico City for the day. It was a great day.

First, we stopped by Museo de Bellas Artes - so beautiful. Next, the post office. This is the kind of building that would get anyone excited about mailing a letter! Then we headed over for the MUCA where they had a Musee de Orsay exchange so lots of great French paintings and artwork. Wonderful.

After, we headed to a really delicious lunch at a great restaurant - I had enchiladas with hibiscus - so good. And warm chocolate cake. I was full for hours!

Then, we headed over to the Zocalo, the main square. David told me it was the biggest square in Latin America. Also a little insane - hundreds or thousands of people, plus they had a (temporary) ice skating rink, snowmobile loop, sledding slide, and the usual vendors. Yikes!

 We went to El Palacio, gorgeous. I ended up taking lots of photos of the building. They also had great artwork inside.

Then, over to the Secretario building to enjoy the murals there. I love all the murals.

Went to Santo Domingo - such a pretty square, and a pretty church.

Back to Zocalo, to enjoy Catedral.

Then we went to a rooftop terrace and got tea and enjoyed the view...just chilled. The streets had been pure craziness - crowds of people and buses and vendors and the vendors running from cops - so it was nice to relax.

Back to the hostel for a quick shower and relax - and then David and I went to a hipster bar for drinks and tapas...mescal with hibiscus, yes please!

Exhausting yet awesome day!

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