04 January 2013

Cuatro: Mexico City

Getting into the energy of this great city...

Got up early, another great run in the park, this time with plyometrics! Wheeee!

Then I showered and ate and hopped on the Metro to the Frida Kahlo Museum. It was a bit of a walk from the Metro and while the museum was good and a must for Frida Fans, I was disappointed that it was rather small. I hopped in a cab and took it to Frida and Diego's studios. Again, small, not very much Frida - except for a really long great documentary with subtitles. Very interesting.

I walked to the Metro, stopping for a 29 peso torta on the way. I went to the Museo de la Memoria y Tolerancia - basically, a museum that focuses on the horrors of genocide. Really interesting stuff. I got the audio guide because I was worried I'd miss out (all of the signs are in Spanish) but you really need to know Spanish (and my Spanish was good enough) to figure stuff out.

I got a small snack and wandered the park, stopping at various vendors to check out the wares. Interesante. A nice guy started talking to me, just being friendly and we chatted for a while. Then I went into the Diego Rivera Murals Museum. Some so-so art, some good art. This guy (a Mexican guy who had been living in Virginia for 24 years) asked me to explain abstract art to him. I pointed out certain images and told him to not question things too much but to just try to enjoy things. But a little later, when I was in the room with Diego's massive mural, he was the one teaching me things. There are 75 characters with descriptions (and many others painted that aren't listed) so he gave me some background information on who they were. Very interesting discussions.

I headed back outside, and my friend from earlier was there. We walked over to Garibaldi Square, where the mariachi bands were setting up. I visited the Mescal and Tequila Museum (yay, free shots) and then walked around. I said goodbye to my friend and hopped on the Metro and again visited the vegetarian restaurant.

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