04 January 2013

Run Love

One of the best things about running is it allows me to see a lot more of the places I travel to.

My body was tired - I had a ton of racing last autumn, so I decided I'd use my time in Mexico as downtime. I ran most days (I only had three days off, I think, in the entire 3.5 weeks, and most of those I had to take off due to travel days (w/ impossibility to run)) and some days I didn't run long, but getting out there, stretching my legs, seeing more of the city was great.

Mexico City has been great for running - I'm close to a massive park so I spend mornings running there. You see a different view of the city.

I have a trail run scheduled w some Ultra Listers and, very nicely, a friend from back home. That will be my last day here - not spent in museums or at tourist spots but doing the one thing I love doing most: running.

I'm looking forward to it!

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