11 January 2013


Mexico City seems like a highly unlikely place for good trail running – but after a friendly Ultralister reached out to me, I knew I’d find the jewels of trail running in Mexico.

Wendy, Alex, Scott (who is coincidentally a friend from NYC) and I headed to the trails. Wendy told me horror stories of Wasatch, but she kept saying how great it was. (When is it great, after you were speaking in tongues and puking and blacking out? Oh no, before, that’s great. J)

The run started at 9,000 something feet and basically mostly went up to 12,600 feet. My asthma felt a little bad at times – I had to use my inhaler two extra doses and I could feel it, especially as I climbed towards the very top.

Beautiful views – of volcanoes, pretty rocks. The trails were dirt and rocky at times, but not too bad. It was a really lovely place.

The downhill part was just great. Down, down, down, and not too technical. I had a blast going down.

And afterwards, Wendy and Alex heated up some vegetarian tamales and we sat in the garden with the cats in the sunshine, talking about running, eating, enjoying the day.

All before a 5pm flight back to the states!


Wendy said...

Come on back, Cherie!
We´re running the Nevado de Toluca,
volcano crater, only 14,000ft this sunday.
Mi casa es tu casa

Wendy said...

Come on back, Cherie!
We miss you.
Running the Nevado de Toluca this sunday, only 14,000ft ;-)
Mi casa es tu casa