06 March 2016

Arambol, Goa

I spent a month in Aramabol for my yoga teacher training program. I didn’t really get to fully experience the town because I was constantly in class and studying; evenings, while I wanted to dance, I was usually so exhausted I would just collapse at the end of the day.
I stayed in the Love Temple. My only complaint is that with temporary beach huts (and that’s what there are mostly in this area), you often get unwelcome friends (lizards - though I liked them, others didn’t, cockroaches, spiders, rats, etc). But it was a great location, super close to the drum circle, not too far from town, close to lots of good food.

Arambol town is mainly one long narrow street with heaps of shops, some great restaurants, a good bookshop, lots of great live music at night. There are some electronic music parties, but I didn’t go to any. Just too tired!
The beach is where it’s at. It’s relatively clean, you can swim, and it’s pretty. The touts can be annoyingly persistent. You can sit under an umbrella in front of any restaurant and just order a juice and relax.
The drum circle is pretty amazing. Every night, just before sunset, lots of people gather with drums and other instruments. Dancing accompanies the drum circle, and it’s a really great vibe. Lots of local artists sell neat stuff in front of the drum circle.
The ATMs are far from the beach, and don’t always work. There’s no big grocery, but a few cute grocery shops that also carry things like essential oil, incense, and pie.
It’s a great relaxing beach, and not too expensive and crazy like other places. We went to Vagator for dinner, which felt very upper class and clubby and not at all like Arambol, where i defintely am more at home.

Hippies, yogis, health food freaks, artists, burners, and those looking for a nice place with a good vibe will love Arambol.

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