06 March 2016

Assvem (Asswem), Goa

We went to Assvem because Wayne is a kitesurfer. Unfortunately, there was no wind for the three days we were there. We mainly hung out, walked around the small town, drank juice, went swimming, read our books on the beadch. We did yoga on the beach, and Wayne ended up buying a 300 rupee yoga mat so he could practice with me in our room. I gave yoga classes every day to him, though he can be a challenging student. (During Vrkassana, “I don’t care, I’m putting my foot on my knee.” “But - “ “I don’t care.” Sigh. “Then don’t do it if you’re going to do it wrong.”)

Wayne was pretty jetlagged and I was recovering from my intense month so we took it super easy.

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