21 March 2016

Delhi! (Again....)

I was trying to plan many things in Delhi. “Do you want to go to this museum? Or that one? We must go to this paratha place. Delhi is kind of crazy and we don’t have a lot of time, so let’s plan it out.”
After we thought about it, we decided, let’s just stay in our fancy hotel. Wayne had booked The Holiday Inn, which is much more luxurious than the countless Holiday Inns I had stayed at when traveling with my cross-country team in college.
We checked in, and Wayne was shocked at how they looked under the vehicle and in the trunk before letting us in. “No, they do this in lots of places,” I assured him. Then the namastes and bowing began. “No, they do this. Really. Say it back.”
We checked into our room...and immediately raided the minibar. Snickers. Soda.
Wayne put on Arcade Fire, the first I had heard since I left three months ago. Oh how I miss my music…(Streaming in India just isn’t so fast that I can always stream the music that I want.)
We ordered off the room service menu, which arrived in 20 minutes. We just spent some time talking, cuddling, being together - because we wouldn’t be together for quite a long while.
We went downstairs to the Fitness Center where I ran gloriously (with a tummy too full) with a view of a Delhi highway and Wayne swimming in the cold lap pool in front of me.
We met my friend Rajat in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. I had met him back in January at Meenal’s. We talked about my trip, about ultrarunning. When Wayne mentioned his back issues, Rajat inquired more. He’s not only a RD of La Ultra, and a badass ultrarunner, but an amazing sports doctor.
After dinner (During which Wayne ate the thali - 900 rupees at the Holiday Inn - thalis tend to be in the 100-200 rupee range, and this was wonderful.), Rajat examined Wayne, and said the same thing the ayurvedic doctor: it was a pinched nerve. He gave Wayne a series of exercises to do. And then he was gone.
And then...it was just us. It was so sad to say goodbye. We talked and I just wanted to bawl. Why wasn’t I going home with him? Oh yeah, I was here to study yoga.
In the morning, we woke together. I watched him get ready...and then….goodbye. So sad.

I napped, then got on the treadmill for an hour. Then a shower, and hop on a plane to Kathmandu!

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