10 March 2016

Gorgeous Varkala...

We were excited for Varkala; our last beach together, and a different one. It’s a gorgeous beach town where the beaches are surrounded by cliffs; to reach the beaches, you have to climb down really steep steps.
We checked into our resort, Bohemian Masala, which was gorgeous, but the staff were pretty unhelpful. We took a walk, got a nice lunch, and then headed down to the beach for a swim and a relax.

After dinner, we hung out in our little hut, with a candle, talking, swatting mosquitos away. We talked about everything in a way you can when you don’t have restraints. It was so nice.
The next day was yoga and beach. We went to morning yoga at Bohemian Masala Cafe, and it was pretty awesome. Then the beach during the day, and an ayurvedic doctor who gave Wayne some good back advice. Then yoga again on the gorgeous rooftop with a view of the ocean at Nirvana Yoga.
I love yoga in India; it can be so very different than yoga back home. The teachers are actually more focused on the asanas of yoga; I think it’s assumed you are practicing the other 7 limbs of yoga outside of class. In NYC, they try to incorporate other elements because frankly, most people aren’t practicing the other limbs of yoga.
Wayne really liked his yoga experience in India; I was glad he could see why I came here.
We got dinner with one of the yoga girls; her friends came and one of them was going to Burning Man, so we were full of playa advice. We bought a piece of art of Saraswati…
The morning was another day of a clifftop run, yoga, and then a day of transit: an hour in a taxi to Trivvandrum, then flight to Delhi, then taxi to Agra.
The adventures continue!

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