15 March 2016

Continue, continue, continue....

I'm not going to make excuses or claims that traveling is the best thing on earth or that it cures all ills. But I do think it's a great way to learn about another culture, to disconnect and figure out your life, to relax and have space, to figure out what else there is out there, and to see a lot of really great stuff...

For a while, I thought about just quitting my job and trying to write. But I knew I needed more. I needed some space to figure stuff out, to disconnect, and to recover. The stress from my old job had made me physically ill; last year, I used all my sick days and have never been sicker. It took me a while to recover and build myself back up. I appreciate feeling healthy and am super excited for what's next.

I'm writing this from Nepal. I smell incense and yak butter candles. I'm in post-earthquake Kathmandu, where rubble still remains around buildings, where fuel shortages are still the norm, where electricity is cut for 8 hours a day and that's normal, where wifi is horrible, where the people are friendly, and where you can see something so new and beautiful in every corner you turn. I hear languages I don't understand being spoken in a rush around me. I am a bit lonely for my house and my partner and cats, but there's so much here for me now. (Home, I promise you, I'll come home soon.)

There's next steps and a lot of details I haven't yet figured out. But right now, I'm super grateful to be here, to have this space, and to enjoy the freedom to work on my yoga, write, meet amazing new people, and just be.

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