06 March 2016

Munnar: Tea Heaven

We had a really lovely experience in Munnar. Known for its glorious views of tea plantations, we got to see some spectacular views and eat some wonderful food.
We took a taxi from Ft. Cochin, as this allowed us to travel easily, stop whenever we wanted, including at a rather elephant training camp that Wayne had wanted to visit. We got to stop at a restaurant and Wayne tried (and fell in love with) his first dosa.
Shortly after we arrived at the amazing Rose Garden, they helped us plan our next steps. We got back in the taxi after a bit and went to an amazing pure veg restaurant in town. We had banana leaf thali, and I pretty much had to roll out of there. The food was so incredible and they kept piling it on. It was a place where I glanced at the menu, and then simply told our server, “I want what they’re having,” pointing at the table next to us. We got some fried parathas to go with it, parathas that probably have driven people to leave their families so they can just eat parathas all day long. That good.
We went to the tea museum, which wasn’t as cool as I had hoped. Then we went in a few tea shops, and went back to The Rose Garden. Our host, Tomy, showed us around his amazing super biodiverse organic garden - the fruits and veggies his family and his guests eat. Pretty amazing.
We had a phenomenal dinner with the other guests and then went to bed pretty early. We were exhausted (maybe the slight altitude?).

In the morning, we got up, practiced yoga in our room, and then after breakfast, went on a hike. It was a five hour hike, very hilly, gorgeous. I took photos of tons of tea plantations, and talked with the workers and children who were outgoing and friendly. We got back to the main road, hopped in a tuktuk back to town and once again, ate banana leaf thai. Then we went back to our room to shower. At the Rose Garden, we ate dinner with a hilarious English couple who were 40 years older than us, but much funnier.
It was relaxing, it was gorgeous, it was an experience I’m so glad we had.

Thank you, Munnar.

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V said...

The newest Indian place close to us has amazing dosas! I had never seen them before.