06 March 2016

How Did I Get to Yoga Teacher Training

I had this strange idea in my head for a few months that I wanted to do a yoga teacher training. But nahhh, that was craziness...but still, the idea persisted. After a few months, I voiced it to my friend Jill. “That is the perfect idea! Do it!”
I went to an open house of one of my studios, Laughing Lotus. I loved the ideas of their program, but knew I needed to get away. I wanted to just focus on yoga for a while, nothing else but yoga. I also wanted to travel. I knew how damaged I was from the stress and misery from my job, and knew I needed some time off.
When chatting with my favorite yoga teacher, Nicole, about where she did her training, I learned that Amanda, a teacher I had taken classes with at Greenhouse and loved, was doing a teacher training program in India. This made sense. My googling of “yoga teacher training” (india OR chile OR “costa rica” OR “Latin America” OR “south america”) had not been giving me good results to help me find a program I wanted to study in. This was it.
Ten years ago, I was going through the process to be an egg donor. The plan was to use the money and head to India for six months, travel, explore. My ex was opposed to the idea and threatened to break up with me if I went. But then I found my job, which seemed like it would be my dream job, and took it.

I don’t regret it, even as how my job turned out to be at the end. I learned a lot, met some wonderful people, and had a different path of life that has been mostly fulfilling. And now, here I am, ten years later, my life full circle….and ready for India.

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