06 March 2016

Ft. Cochi

As we neared Ft. Cochi on the train, I asked Wayne, “What is there to do anyway?” I read the guidebook but didn’t seem super impressed. He followed suit. Still, we had a good time.
We figured out some travel logistics after we checked into the Rain Tree Lodge, a super cute guesthouse. Our room was clean and cozy, the nicest I had stayed in so far in India.
We walked around, had a terrible lunch at The Tea Spot, and then hopped in a cab to Jew Town. (Yes, it is called that, though supposedly, today there are only 7 Jews left in Cochi!) We bought a nice wall hanging for our bedroom, some presents for people back home, another scarf for me. (I’m in love with scarves in India!)
Back to our guesthouse, and then to Dal Roti for dinner. It was in Lonely Planet, so full of Westerners. We had a thai and a kati roll, and they were excellent. We walked back, and then had an easy evening.
The next day, we went on a bike tour of the countryside and the backwaters. It was just Wayne and I, and the pace was rather relaxed. Partway through, we stopped, put our bikes on a boat, and we got rowed along for a while. That was a neat way to see the backwaters.

Wayne wanted to see a kathakali show, the traditional theatre production where they don’t speak but use mudras to convey emotions. We were tired and went to bed pretty early, before our morning cab. It’s hard to muster up energy in a country without an incredible nightlife and when Wayne’s internal clock is so dramatically off the time of day.

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