10 December 2004

deck the halls with gobs of $$$

here i am, articles abt how hedge funds are going to destroy banking, and what i want to do is be sipping some yummy herbal tea, no, some yummy hot cocoa (real cocoa, ghiradelli please) while chilling out under a blanket, reading a novel (janet evanovich, please, b/c we all know stephanie plum gets more action than us) and chilling.

god i am so in the mood to be vapid. watch movies, paint my toenails, pet my cat, goss. i miss having such a scandalous life, this grownup stuff is boring.

once i'm done with hedge funds and LIS i'm going to become a drama queen again. i mean, t hasn't called me a drama queen or princess in forever (not like we talk much but when we do, you know). i'm doing something wrong.

who wants to have some fun?

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