16 December 2004

I don't want to have children--don't tell me I'll change my mind

I really hate children. I don't find them cute. I find them annoying, ugly, disgusting. Yes, I am mean. I don't want them. When my partner called me last week as I sat in a crowded waiting room of a doctor's office, surrounded by screaming and whining children, all I could say was, "I'm in hell." My partner doesn't think I should ever have children; we were talking about it once years ago, and I said, "I don't want a boy. If it's a boy, I'll get an abortion." (When I was little, I said that I was going to have girl babies. My mother told me you can't pick a girl or boy, and I said if it was a boy I'd throw it in a dumpster.) My partner doesn't want to have children either, but because of my antiboy stance, I am simply too mean.

But this I will keep to myself (except for you, dear reader).

What I cannot stand is when people tell me, "Oh, you'll change your mind," "Oh you'll want to eventually," "But you'll love them when they're yours." Um, no. And don't tell me what I'll do. "I didn't want kids, but look how happy I am." No thanks.

T & I did decide if we ever want kids, we'll wait a year--so we can realize how much we like having our independence, evaluate if we can do it, see if it's more impt than having $ (t's main reason for not wanting kids is b/c it costs $$$$$).

But seriously: you may be well-meaning, but it's RUDE to ask about children and to insist someone will change their mind. Leave them alone. Ask them about their life, not the children they don't and never will have. If they do change your mind, swallow that "I told you so."

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