19 December 2004


i guess i take things too seriously. i have been feeling really crappy all day, coughing and wheezing and stressing. i'm feeling really depressed and overwhelmed. this paper is driving me nuts...i work on it for 2 minutes and then spend 10 minutes freaking out. the professors at my library school have designed my classes and coursework to make my life a living hell. i really hate library school and i dont understand why anyone would want to teach it. ugh. so here i am stressing on the definition of archive and how much i hate formats and how i'm never going to fucking write a library paper once i'm out of library school. i just want to be a mediocre librarian--helping people, going to ALA and midwinter and doing crafts with teens and whatever i would be doing but not doing this stuff. i hav no interest in library academia.

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