08 December 2004

scrooge: not shaving, my cat has pms, and if these next 2 wks dont fly by i'm gonna freak

i've been so busy lately. i wish i had a life. i keep turning down all these social events (i know, i'm SO popular!) and not seeing the friends i want to, not playing with luna as much as i want, not writing at all, not reading all these wonderful books on my shelves, not planning my trip as much as i want. school is eating me alive and i'm really sick of libraries. why the hell am i doing this? i mean, i'm spending two very full years on a masters' degree when in nyc i could make 38k as a librarian--wtf? that is an insanely low salary for this hell i'm putting myself thru. only to tell some idiot to stop masturbating to lesbian porn on the internet and to help ungrateful 14 year olds find info for a school project--to people saying, 'you need to get a masters degree for that? why?'

if anyone asks me again, i swear i'm gonna put my foot where the sun don't shine.

who was it that said, 'you just need to get laid?' yeah what is sex anyway? i mean, seriously, i'm abt to be a nun here.

lissy--the man or the cat--choose the cat.

library school is just really draining. and i love the holidays but no one has gotten any gifts yet (except crista, which i bought months ago knowing it would be a good gift) and my tree is bare, with no gifts underneath. i'm trying to find a gift really outrageous for my mom b/c i love her and she refuses to spoil herself...but like i have time? well i can go with my boyfriend who still hasnt bought me a bday gift xmas shopping at the last minute since i'll be revising my thesis for my advisor till then.


anyway i'm cranky and damnit, i need some truffles. why dont i have any chocolate in this house?

back to my nonexciting life!

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