13 June 2005

clubbing in london

i went out on a friday night to a rave in 'the cool part of town' as my french friend said. judge jules was there and he was amazing. danced so much, but i hated the stinking like smoke part. i danced my little heart out and i love judge jules--see him if you can.

pickup line used on me: 'do you have a boyfriend 'cause i think you're cute?'

another pickup line: 'do you want to sit down and me to get you some drinks? or we can go someplace else and drink?'
me: 'no thanks im having a great time dancing and i'm gonna stay here.'

i deserted those losers quickly and danced my little heart out.

last night i went to grace, grooverider's weekly drum n bass party at herbal, this chill bar. grooverider was fucking amazing. maybe it's because i miss trevor, or maybe it's because the drum n bass scene here is fucking awesome, but i have been totally infatuated with dnb lately. anyway, it was great. i ended up meeting this group of people who was dancing in the same area: (and they bought me drinks thank goddess b/c i'm low on the pounds here! 8£ left, can i last till tomorrow am?) this portugese guy who was telling me how fab portugal is (i think i'm gonna go tho he clearly won't be there as he lives in london now), and this bizarre girl, and these two guys originally from chile. i had so much fun. we danced and it stunk like smoke--cigs and pots and chemicals that i don't know what they were.

pick up line used on me: 'do you want to snort a line of mdma?' [i didn't know people snorted lines of that! ugh!]
me: 'no, i'm good.'
him: 'how 'bout a cig?'
me: 'i think i'm gonna dance now.'

after grooverider finished and the party was over (2am, things here close early, esp pubs), we went to this other party and danced to house and techno till 4am. i caught the n35 immediately (luck) and got dropped off right in front of my hostel. exhausted, i crawled into bed stinking of smoke. i had such a great time, meeting all these new people--people were just striking up conversations all over the place. one of the chilean guys was helping me practicar mi espanol. buena. estoy cansado. me gusta bailar.

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