01 June 2005

the toilets in iceland are awesome

the one thing i can´t get over is the toilets in iceland. in every place i go, they´re different--no traditional handle, but this pump thing that you lift up and let drop, or you push one button or another one (i guess depending on what you do in the toilet). this country is so unlike anything--the landscape is rocky and dirts and grass in between. i´m in the capital city, and the driveways and parking lots and sidewalks are often dirt or gravel. there´s so much green space. the city layout is so confusing--i spent 3 hours looking for a building and never finding it. but the icelandic people are wonderful--helpful and friendly.

after i arrived at my hostel, i dumped my bag next to the bed and grabbed my swimsuit and went to the geothermal pools next door. i swam a few laps in the large lap pool, then hung out in the warmer big pool (with two waterslides, a wading area, a small section, and a big section where the kids hung out). then i went to the hot tub, where i relaxed with a bunch of icelandic people. the best part is this big circular hot pool where you lie down with your head on the outside of the circle and your feet in the middle--it´s very shallow. i relaxed there with my eyes clothes for forever.

i feel so free. free from the corporate world, to which i shall never return. what more is in my future--i´ll soon find out. i love this land of no question marks on the keyboard yet ö and þ and æ and ð. i love this land where people speak 8 languages.

and yes, i shall come back. in time, with the northern lights.

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Jeet said...


8 languages!!!
Woah i thought thered be only 1 Icelandic
language... Nyways good to see your first post... do keep posting really enjoy your writing.

Am off for my induction training whole next week to Goa... a TOTALLY different clime from iceland :P so I hope to see some more posts by te time I come back ^^