26 June 2005


what can i say, but all the rumours are true. women wear bikinis to clubs, the music is amazing, and you´ll take a nap, hit the beach, and do it all over again.

chris and i take the ferry. exhausted and beat, we arrive at our hostel, hostal valencia at nearly nine. we dump our stuff and immediately find some grub--cheap pasta and pizza. we get a ticket for amnesia´s opening at cream (35 euros) and get ready. chris wants to get there early, i want to wait later. the clubs here don´t open till midnight, i´m not arriving at 12,30!
amnesia is amazing. paul van dyk is amazing. i dance my butt off, and meet a spanish guy who tells me he loves me. i repeatedly tell him about trevor, and finally ditch him. i meet a group of guys who may or may not be gay and dance with them.
every so often, usually when the music is about to pick up, they will blast co2 into the crowd and you can´t see anything and it´s such an amazing intense experience. and the lights are flashing and everyone is jumping and screaming and when you finally see everyone again, you just scream, ¨YES!¨
we close the party out, and take a cab back to the hostel around 730. chris goes out with my new friends to the after party.

i sleep for so little--3 hours. the guys in the pool downstairs are loud, so i join them. i eat biscuits and we talk about england, my travels and clubbing. very cool. i suddenly need a nap and run upstairs and sleep another 3 hours. chris wakes up then, and begins talking about pascha. i´m so tired i can barely keep my eyes open. i look like hell.
we go to cafe mambo and eat an overpriced dinner to wicked good music. drink amazing sangria. after, we watch the sunset. i get shivers, and i´ve never gotten shivers over a sunset before. everyone claps and it´s so amazing to see how pink it gets, how it disappears so fast at the end. we meet up with robbie, who hasn´t slept yet from last night.
i go back to the hostel to nap, but i can´t. chris comes back and after hanging out with the guys downstairs, we go to the west end. drunk brits are all we see. it reminds me of a frat.

chris leaves early, and i have a room to myself for a change, which is wonderful. i lounge around nude and miss luna. i walk around san antoni, then get a cheap spanish lunch. after i go to the beach and listen to some boring guy talk about how he hates his job, and meet these crazy brits. one of them was stung by a jellyfish on fri, and the other one is bugging out. i ask steve, who was stung, ¨did it hurt?¨he tells me he peed on himself, which supposedly takes the sting out. okay.
i go to the pool and swim around and read sandra cisneros carmelo in the shade. it seems to quiet. i go watch the sunset again at mambo cafe, and meet up with the crazy brits.
i take a shower and head out to privilege, the biggest club in the world. it´s pretty crazy there and i dance like nuts, though i´m tired. i keep getting guys trying to dance with me and it´s so annoying. they don´t get the back to them; i have to yell.

leave the club around 6am, and chat with these hyper brit girls on the bus. walk back to my hostel, amazed at how little sleep i´ve gotten. i take a shower, pack up my stuff, eat the amazing complimentary breakfast, and am on the road before i know it.

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Anonymous said...

I was there too... been backpacking round spain also but got a bit waylayed in ibiza... it's all paul van dyk's fault! you blog is amazing, it encompasses everything that backpcking should be. take care and best of luck.