20 June 2005

saying goodbye is always lovely

it seems the night before i leave a city i always seem to have a fabulous time and then i don't want to go.

the night before i left reykjavik i went to the symphony and heard some amazing, absolutely lovely music.

the night before i left london i went to hear grooverider at his weekly drum n bass party, danced my ass off, met all these amazing people (who bought drinks, a plus when you're a backpacker) and had one of the best nights ever.

and the night before i left paris, dania, lindsey, drew, marco and i went to the eiffel tower. we watched it twinkle and shared two bottles of wine--ghetto but fab. we reclined on the grass and shrieked at how beautiful it was and took photos. and now these people are going to ibiza with me!

i love the way you meet so many people when you're traveling. i do miss my bathtub and cat tho.

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