09 June 2005

having a fab time

at a cheap internet cafe, everything is wonderful. went to the imperial war museum, the national portait gallery, the british library, and am loving london. i'm at a dodgy internet cafe right now, watching buses and tourists and brits alike go by, thankful to be here. i feel so free--liberated from my job and all rules. my rules? a club tomorrow (judge jules), another sunday (grooverider), museums, running along the thames, meeting travelers. london is a lovely city, and i find it less in your face than nyc. been going to the theatre, writing, walking around too much. i love this feeling of absolute freedom.

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mikepower said...

I came across you blog through a forum that you posted on. I am heading to Barcelona to start up BarcelonaFit (part of USAFit) over there with my girlfriend. It should be fun! Good reading some of your notes....enjoy your trip!