20 June 2005

sweating in paris

i have several hours before my train to valencia and i spent the morning with my friends--lindsey, drew, marco and dania (who i went with last night to the eiffel tower, to see it sparkle! the lights blink and you lay down in the grass with a bottle of wine and the whole world seems magical) went to sacre coeur and took photos. after ate some amazing ice cream, took photos at the moulon rouge, and stood on top of this fan thing that cooled us off. it's seriously like 90 here and super humid and i stink and i'm sweating. i already checked out of my hostel and wish i could shower. before i go i'm going to wipe down in the hostel bathroom (the showers are in the rooms at this hostel) but i dont want to do too much today. i'm sweating like a pig right now and miss my air conditioning. france is filled with sexy glamourous women who don't sweat, and i'm certainly not one of them.

stinky sweaty backpackers unite!

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