15 June 2005

hating france

right now i am at this internet cafe trying to figure out the keyboard but i want to go home
i miss nyc and luna and trev and apt and friends and fam and i was stupid to plan a trip so long but i do not miss work i should ve just quit and written but i really miss my home i hate my hostel and hostel living is annoying


Dan - NeverBC said...

Cherie - read your post (and replied) on BnA. I went through something similar on day 100 of my trip... not sure how long you've been gone, but it's normal I think. You will get through this eventually, just allow it to happen and the light will eventually show itself. Best of luck.


Anonymous said...

you know i ve been there, too, gf. i know how it sucks!!! lugging all of yr crap everywhere, packing up yr soaps/shampoos/toothbrushes. ew. i just hope the hostel smells decent or not at all! take it easy, if possible... hope yr eating well & keeping healthy. ;oP