30 May 2005

almost gone

i'm about to dismantle my computer so that i may put it in my parents' car--they will be arriving within an hour. i can't believe i'll be gone from home for so long--and gone from my precious kitty. i think my subletters seem really good with cats--and nice--so hopefully it will work out (and not be a repeat of other craigs list horror stories). i still have so much to do today--and can't even comprehend the fact that i'll be in a plane later today, aimed for places i have never been. i'm excited.

today is memorial day, but it's no longer a holiday for me. my life is a holiday. and it feels great. the sun is out, it is warm, and the sun will always shine on me the next several months. this breather from the working world--let's just say i hope to become independently wealthy so i can do this all the time.

well i'm going to dismantle my computer, get an iced chai, and transfer funds at my bank. next time i post, i'll be abroad.

see you in europe!

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Laura in NYC said...

hey cherie sorry I missed you last friday. I hope you have the best time and keep spreading the good energy! I may be coming to Europe in August.....but not sure.