01 May 2005

where i find life

this morning, on my run through greenpoint and williamsburg, i ran into the bike new york race. awesome! i ran with them most of my run, and they were cheering me on almost as much as i was! "where's your bike?" 'run, run, run!" i mostly yelled, "woooooh! lookin' good!" and clapped. the energy was so amazing. it reminded me of the marathon, and the high, high energy that the audience spread to the runners. there weren't too many cheerers (actually, i was one of the only ones in my hood) but it was such a fun way to give energy to people.

since my trip to colorado, i've been breaking down the boundaries whereever i can--on line for security, i ended up in a bizarre joking conversation with some guy. the guy in the middle seat of my plane to denver was a chatter, and we ended up talking. (i fell asleep for 20 minutes, and woke up, thirsty. before i could go to sleep, he began talking, "so you slept." yup.) the streets of boulder are filled with friendly people--including old friends--so i could never walk far without a hello. it reminded me of how cold and selfish nyc is. i want to GIVE. i talk to old ladies in line at the grocery store, laugh at some guy as he tries to tell others we are on our first date at the bus stop when i don't even know him, bat my eyelashes at a neighborhood cat. i can't simply exist; i must give back.


K Jones said...

Cherie, I think the chatty vibe takes people by surprise at times, but if it is done with nothing but genuine interest it is the best flattery someone can recieve. Keep up the good work.

Dusty said...

Well, I flirt with the neighbour hood dogs. 8-). So I guess we are two of a kind. Keep up the good work of smiling around and spreading the cheer. And have a blast in Iceland. Hope someone nice will take care of your kitty while you are away - I bet she is spoiled rotten. My dog was spoiled.