26 May 2005


work has been so bad lately. perhaps it's kismet reminding me how
evil it is so that i will never want to return. i remember the last
day at the horrid bagel place i worked at i got the most tips--more
than double i had any other day. it made me leave with a smile, but
tugged at me to stay--i ran.
and so here, i am running, already.
i owe nothing to "the firm." nothing. they owed nothing to me--no
transitchecks (for free!), no tuition reimbursement, no health
insurance. being a temp assures they fuck you over as much as they
i almost wish i had given less notice. the woman who is taking my
job is bizarre and annoying at best. r is being more annoying than
usual--is that possible? the new woman has an mls yet likes to work
as an admin of corporate libraries: "i like to be the power behind
the force." i guess she likes making labels and answering phones....
even my boss is at a loss because she has never done research. "she
can't even do your clips! she's going to be doing a lot more admin
work than you were." so at least my boss realizes my value, in some
miniscule way. i can tell the new woman is itching for me to leave
so she can take my desk and make it her own personal hell.
get me outta here!
i'm running, i'm running, i'm gone.

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