15 May 2005

suburbia: a study

i spent a day with my family, and thought a lot about suburbia. coming from the city, you sometimes forget the seasons--the temperature is the sole indicator. the color of trees, flowers, and greenery are often lacking; i often don't realize it is fall until visiting my family. when i arrived at their house for an early brunch (yawn; vitamin water replenishes hydration lost by too much rum) i spent time walking barefoot on their lawn. what a luxury this would be in the city; one would never do it in a city park.

my mother was helping me find a navy tank top; at the end of the day, unsuccessful at so many stores in the mall, we ordered one from ll bean (much easier!) i found a rich lightweight lilac skirt for my travels (the weight of the fabric being key at this shopping trip!) and my mother and i gossiped about family problems over smoothies, strolling through various stores, various levels. advertisements blared ahead, in store windows, and by vendors at booths. thinking about how unwholesome suburbia is: it's like white bread. everything pre-packaged, 12 year old girls with way too much makeup, makeup you know that they applied as soon as their mothers dropped them off in the nordstrom's bathroom. the way people carried themselves and their bags, you learned too much about themselves. large SUVs, toy dogs in louis vuitton bags. labels that only make the product cost more, not the quality increase; what kind of world are we living in?

i hate suburbs, yet i like the green grass it provides. i would like a greener city.

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Dusty said...

Hey, I am back. I am glad to see you sound relatively chirpy and relaxed. Yep, walking on the grass or even on the sand - I just love it. I got back from our offsite in Jodhpur, check out my blog for more.