02 May 2005


i leave in exactly four weeks. four weeks from now i will be on a plane to iceland, shaking with nerves and excitement. right now i just feel sick to my stomach (literally; i have a stomachache). i don't have a subletter and don't know how i'll be paying my rent if i don't get one, and laura's bad experiences with craigslist make me nervous, and i want someone discrete who will take care of luna. i don't have anyone and i'm getting really nervous.


Dusty said...

Hey, cheer up girl. I am sure things will be just fine. But in a worse case scenario, assuming you get a subletter who hates cats, can Luna be in Colarado for some time? I am sure your friends there will be glad to have her. Or else, ship her to India 8-)
Not sure whether the doggie approves of this idea!

Laura in NYC said...

cherie my experiences weren't that bad...honest. I did have a couple people who weren't great like two cokeheads who were bringing johns in I'm pretty sure.....not that that's a lifestyle judgement.....

but the cats are OK and my stuff was still there. I feel bad that I'm making you distrust craig's list. It's not always that extreme.....but like I said make sure you write something an agreement and have them sign, and you sign. Get a deposit. I sent you an email on this as well.