08 May 2005


i'm getting sick of the advice people keep giving me. random tidbits, mostly things i already know. i know they're trying to be helpful, but at this point, three weeks away, it's not helping. it's making me anxious. i bought three bathing suits at macy's, and a fashion show for mom and trev will determine which is best (i can't decide). bathing suits are too damn expensive--$50 for basically a pair of panties. grrrr.

back to my prepping oral report on tomie depaola. that man is a wonderful writer, wonderful.

someone is supposed to be coming over to look at my apt for subletting, and he's late. i wonder what will happen with the rent.

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Samanthia said...

Hi! I linked to your site from Bootsn All. No kidding about the advice. I've stopped telling people about my RTW trip, because I'm sick of getting advice from people who haven't travelled. Be careful in Africa? No shit.