21 May 2005

almost there

dying the bottom underside part of my blonde hair pink, waiting to go to the panty party at opaline (check yr pants at the door and get two for one drinks all night!), looking at my wreck of a house. my friends are here, and it's fab to see them; i do hate the mess that comes along. of course, there was a HUGE mess before they came, so i don't blame them at all... i'm trying to convince my feet that these awesome sneakers i got from zappos fit but they unfortunately do not..i will miss my life in nyc but i need a break, and i know things will be amazing, they truly will. i cannot wait for what's too come, but in the meantime, i'm enjoying every single moment that is here, even with my slightly chubalub cat. i love everything right now, as long as i'm not at the hell they dare call work.

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