09 May 2005

i quit! and i already taste freedom!

so i gave my notice. in three weeks, no more regular paychecks, no
more corporate culture, freedom! three weeks from today i'll be
going to iceland, and from there, europe, and from there, the world,
and from there, the universe. i feel so free.
and all at once i am panicking: budget, cherie. i had no food for
lunch so i'm buying pricey lunch with jess. must buy bread: pbj is
never out of style (for yr budget, that is). need to get memory for
camera, cheap flash drive.
and the countdown begins: 21 days....


Anonymous said...

i would also love to do europe this summer. i work at a school, so we have the whole summer off. my problem: what to do with my cat? who is going to take care of yours? i can't seem to find a solution to this. i just don't trust anyone.

cherie said...

i found a subletter and am interviewing them and i think it will work out. it is hard but i must do it. my boyfriend and friends will check it on luna to make sure things are great. you should GO!