11 May 2005

work is just work, just a job and not my life

although i have many piles of things to do on my work desk, i am content. i am content even though my boss is trying to hire this other woman as a slap in the face to me. i am delighted although i am still working in an insane asylum, and the fact that my boss keeps finding pointless work for me to do. i am happy because i am leaving.

the situation is far from perfect. for instance, i keep our annual report shelves stocked. when i ordered them, i had them sent to me. my boss said, "i noticed you had the annual reports sent to you. i told you to send EVERYTHING to my name." i explained they were being sent just this one time, everyone in the mail room knows me well, and i was sending many of the messages from my email. doesn't she know it can be demeaning to pretend i'm her? (in her case, yes!) she tells me, "well if they replace someone in the mail room they might not know you. i want you to call each of those companies you got annual reports from [at least 90 companies] and have them put me on their mailing list." why? so we can get more crap and more trees are killed? and it's not like she reads all the crap that comes in--she just tosses it (not recycles). no, because she's a power freak and feels like she lost control. i said i'd do it, but i won't. my coworker said, "don't. she's crazy."

we knew that.

i'm happy to be getting 5 more paychecks (i get paid every week and am still owed last week's paycheck) and happy i wasn't immediately dismissed--even though i was just asked to do something else pathetic. i'm going to drink my organic jasmine green tea (thanks venessa!) and breathe and be delighted about how few days i have left here. right now, i have 12 days.

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