12 May 2005

work is for losers

counting down the minutes. today is a beautiful day, although i'm
trapped at work, hearing sallie rant about death benefits (she's
doing an insurance request). i've pretty much given up on my food &
beverage industry request--not finding much, and the consultant
seems happy with all that i've sent him. okay. but i don't like this
lifestyle: living in a small little cube. well, i don't have a cube,
but my job is easily comparable to office space.

my body feels sore sitting here--and i did walk about a mile on my
lunch break, doing errands. i need to practice yoga....and run and

but why do we do this? work just feels meaningless, the exchange of
labor for money. i'd rather volunteer, speak with people everywhere,
run, be.

later: i ran into libby by union square. she said my boss said i "had already checked out." um, that happened months ago. i hate how she talks shit behind my back; fucking passive aggressive librarians. grrrrr.

1 comment:

Jeet said...

Hey cherie

I don't mean this in a bad way... but your office experience has the feeling like something out of a dilbert comic...

Now I know why Dilbert sells so well in America and all over for that matter...Mgmt are morons :)

With nothing much to do at office right now, and many bench warmers around office as there are a spate of new joinees, can't help wondering why I'm coming to office so regularly!