19 May 2005

last minute

i have way too much to do and one week left. i have to finish packing, figure out my long-sleeved shirts (do i really want to wear that librarian cardigan all summer?), book my icelandic hostel, figure out which one i'll stay in london, get more memory for my camera, put all my cds on my ipod (inc naming all the mix cds!), etc etc etc. it's just freaking me out almost.

and work is just annoying, stressful. i just want to escape into bed with a good book. say, ariel gore's atlas of the human heart. instead, i'm drinking vitamin water, cleaning my apartment, nibbling on chocolate. yum. even tho i'm gaining weight and my trousers can't close.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, did you get a good caretaker for Luna? Have fun with the penguins!