25 April 2010

Boston Marathon Recap

The Boston Marathon was okay. I went into the race, knowing the chances of me PR'ing were quite unlikely (and I didn't PR), but hoping I would run strong. I felt the effects of many things:

  1. Running Umstead 100 Miler 3 weeks prior
  2. Training primarily in ultra mode (lots of long slow distance)
  3. No speed workouts
  4. Some recent time off since Umstead due to knee and foot pain
My time was either 3:52 or 3:54 - something like that. I felt okay but quickly realized I would miss my PR and goal and decided to try to enjoy the day to the best of my ability. I slapped little kid's hands, smiled, chatted, felt happy. I re-experienced all the stupid hills of Boston (I forgot how many hills there are!), and the quiet spots of the Boston course. Around Mile 21 (actually, in the midst of Heartbreak Hill), I began feeling dizzy and my electrolyte levels were out of wack. I took an endurolyte, ate some pretzels, chilled, and felt better. I picked up the pace but then began feeling like a complete slug the last 3 miles with extreme hamstring pain. I was SO glad to be done.

I'm not doing that one again.

I understand what an honour it is to qualify for and run Boston, but I don't know - I miss ultras. I love the comradery, the people, the beauty of trails, the pace. Ultras are much more my speed than marathons. I'm doing NYC this year, though I do plan on doing some speed training (which should help w/ ultras as well) and I have to figure out how to run it w/o getting all stressed about time.

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